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Jeff Schock

Love this place. Try the sweet mango salad . Fresh spring rolls could be best in China town.


Hugo G. 

Food is great here. It’s my favorite spot in town. Service is also great. Very friendly and courteous.

Kenya Moss

I love this place. Great food and service. Fresh food always. And it’s clean

Susan M. 

I really like this place for casual dining.  It is clean, there’s some parking and the food is good.  I had a broken rice dish with a pork cutlet, sugarcane shrimp, pork pate with some shredded pork.  I’ve never had shredded pork before, I think it might be something that you get accustomed to.  Everything else was quite delicious and the pate and broken rice are my favorite 🙂  I also like how the service is prompt, friendly enough but not over the top.  I enjoy the chill atmosphere.

Meghan C. 

This is probably my favorite Vietnamese restaurant in the Seattle area so far. I’ve really liked everything I’ve ordered here the last few times I’ve come. I’ve ordered the sua hot ga soda (club soda, sweetened condensed milk, egg yolk) a couple of times even though it wasn’t on the menu and they totally delivered.


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I just visited Seattle and wanted to introduce my cousin to Vietnamese cuisine. Thanh Vi is simple and the service is quick. I was nervous about my cousin’s first taste of Vietnamese being from a place I had never tried, but my fears were quickly laid to rest. The goi cuon were so fresh and delicious and the bun thit nuong we shared was the best I’ve ever had! My cousin is now hooked on Vietnamese and can’t wait to try more! Thanks Thanh Vi!

User: Sik500


Nice place, varied menu

This place is very pleasant and the service was good when I went. The menu has a great variety of items. I just ordered Pho, which was unremarkable but decent. To be fair, though, I think Pho is not their focus. The prices were very reasonable (lots of stuff less than $10) and there was lots of choices. I’d recommend it, and I’d go again.

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From Food Blogger Msg150


Thanh Vi is large and clean and like Vietnam House it is cheerfully decorated with plastic flowers, nice table cloths, painted walls with decorative accents, and paintings. Oddly the painting over our table appeared to be of Lake Como. Unlike Vietnam House Thanh Vi was mostly empty when we arrived. We grabbed a well-lit table in the corner and studied the menu. It too is large and full of typical Vietnamese favorites. Again I went with the Banh Xeo and again it was delicious. They were a little skimpy on the greens, but the crepe was great. Some of the pork slices were mixed in with the batter such that they got grilled and crunchy a bit on one side. Yum!



I was pleasantly surprised by this place. Is that… Lake Como on the wall? Who cares. This food is great. I went with the special – Fish Stew. Thick, delicious broth, heavy flavor, lots of variety. There’s some fatty fish in here, whole okra!, some french fried thingies, chinese eggplant, and some noodles. It’s a hearty, tasty dish that I’ll definitely come back for.

Everything else on the table looked good, too. Next time you’re in this area, give this place a shot.